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Rigging Tips

In general, the Azure range of lures will run well with either a single or double hook rig. There are a few little tips that will make them run that little bit better.

All Azure lures except  the Vapour and Pisces heads have a rubber hook lock either moulded into the head or glued to the back of the head. This allows you to secure your hook rig in place. Generally you will have your hook point facing upwards in line with the top of the lure head. This helps keel the lure and maintain a good action and breathing pattern. Your trailing hook should have the point clear of the rear of the lure skirt to prevent the skirt from tangling and covering it. We recommend you use a stainless steel thimble to attach to your snap swivel on both sides when using wind on leaders. If  the heat comes on during tracing your fish, spring armour or tubing will be cut through by the snap swivel as the mono flatens under pressure.

Rubber Hook Lock

Stainless Steel Thimble

Single Hook Rig

Double Hook Rig

As with all types of fishing there is never only one way of doing things. Rigs and set ups all differ between fisherman and they all generally work.  If you have any rigging queries please do not hesitate to contact us  and we will do our best to help.

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